[Samba] Sharing AD domain info with 2 SBS2003 servers

Bill Ries-Knight steelhoof at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 15:07:42 GMT 2007

When I took over as the IT guy in September, there were 2 separate
locations with different domains each managed by a SBS 2003 machine.
The connection between them was an OpenVPN tunnel.  The network was
fine and one could see 2 domains in the network.

Local and Local2 are working names.  From a workstation on Local one
could see Local2 in the Microsoft Windows Network, and vice versa from
Local2 one could see Local.  Additionally, one could easily browse
through the remote network as long as the user permissions were
correct.  With the same user name and password for the two domains
there was no issue with authentication.

Teh configuration was this:
Local ==> IpTables firewall, FC4, with Samba, OpenVpn, Freshclam,
Apache and Sendmail
Local2 ==>IpTables firewal, FC4, with Samba, OpenVpn, Freshclam

Then we had the firewall hacked on Local.  The server was compromised
and a NEW drive was put in place and reinstalled with Etch (Debian

The firewall was restored, different but similar function.  The
OpenVPN tunnel was restored with the same configuration.  All is fine
except for the lack of name based browsing.  The second domain no
longer shows.  From local, there is no Local2.  From Local2, there is
no Local.  From Local2 server one can find Local by name, but only
because of an entry in the hosts file.

Samba was running on the firewall, and is now, but I don't know how to
configure it to help with the domains.  SBS is, I believe, dumbed down
and cannot manage to read another SBS server's information.

After a couple more months passed the firewall on Local2 was hacked
and the drive replaced and reinstalled, also with Etch.

I do have the old drives intact (never throw things away) and accessible.

Any thoughts, suggestions, links to solutions and requests for
clarification are appreciated..



Bill Ries-Knight
Stockton, CA

Respect the process, Vote.

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