[Samba] createlocalgroup: could not allocate a RID

Marco Berizzi pupilla at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:55:33 GMT 2007

Hello everybody.
I have configured a linux box with samba 3.0.25b
It's joined to a windows nt4 domain. It's running
Now I would like to create a local group with 'net
sam createlocalgroup group_name' and adding members
from the windows nt4 domain. I need this local group
so I can assign permission to file/directories.
This is my smb.conf:

   workgroup = nt4domain
   server string = Samba on Slackware Linux
  idmap uid = 10000-100000000
  idmap gid = 10000-100000000
  idmap alloc backend = tdb
  idmap config:range = 10000 - 100000000
   security = domain

and when I issue 'net sam createlocalgroup group_name'
I get this error message:

  Attempting to register passdb backend tdbsam
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 5] passdb/pdb_interface.c:smb_register_passdb(81)
  Successfully added passdb backend 'tdbsam'
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 5]
  Attempting to find an passdb backend to match smbpasswd (smbpasswd)
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 5]
  Found pdb backend smbpasswd
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 5]
  pdb backend smbpasswd has a valid init
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 5] passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c:getsmbfilepwent(585)
  getsmbfilepwent: end of file reached.
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 0] passdb/pdb_interface.c:pdb_new_rid(1066)
  Trying to allocate a RID when algorithmic RIDs are active
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 0] groupdb/mapping.c:pdb_default_create_alias(468)
  Could not allocate a RID -- wasted a gid :-(
Creating group_name failed with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
[2007/07/20 16:29:40, 2] utils/net.c:main(1032)
  return code = -1

Am I missing anything?

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