[Samba] Sharing AD domain info with 2 SBS2003 servers

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Mon Jul 23 14:38:04 GMT 2007

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Bill Ries-Knight wrote, On 20-07-2007 12:07:
> The firewall was restored, different but similar function.  The
> OpenVPN tunnel was restored with the same configuration.  All is fine
> except for the lack of name based browsing.  The second domain no
> longer shows.  From local, there is no Local2.  From Local2, there is
> no Local.  From Local2 server one can find Local by name, but only
> because of an entry in the hosts file.

> Any thoughts, suggestions, links to solutions and requests for
> clarification are appreciated..

	Do you need AD? If you don't, change for NT4 style with
LDAP and you can safely use WINS to share names across the VPN.
If you really need AD, you can use WINS and/or winbind (but I'm
not sure about the setup, since I avoid the AD for now, until

	I do not have any contact with SBS2003, except testing it
to show problems to the IT Team, so I can't really help specific
with this, sorry. :-(   WINS should solve your name problem and
you could use two Sambas only, not sure if you really need the

	Hope this helps,
	Kind regards,

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