[Samba] Fw: Question regarding samba with DFS support

John P Janosik jpjanosi at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 30 05:02:47 GMT 2007

> The Problem:      the client writes files to a shared directory, which is
> directories deep from his DFS home directory. He owns the directories up
> the third directory deep, where he sets symbolic links to access the
> directories. He writes files to the 5th subdirectory. Inspection of the
> files here shows him as the owner but with read/write access only, even
> though the DCE ACLs are set with owner's full permissions, this is
>       He can not delete these files from the samba session, but he has no
> problems deleting them from an AIX session. The path followed is the same
> on both, samba and AIX sessions.

I just encountered this problem a few days ago when testing 3.0.23d with
DFS.  I think the problem is that Samba tries to determine if the user can
delete the file before actually deleting it.  Since Samba doesn't know how
to read DCE ACLs it only checks the ownership/mode bits of the files parent
directory.  If the user trying to delete the file is granted delete
authority through the directory but does not have write authority via the
mode bits the delete will fail.

>       I added the "acl check permissions = false" just to check, and he
> able to delete files, but this could be dangerous because people will be
> able to delete files on directories they don't own.  I tried deleting
> not owned by his id, and I was able to.  Somehow, this tells me the
> could be a configuration problem.

I just read the documentation for "acl check permissions" and I think it is
in place for just this situation.  The way I read it Samba will still
change to the user when trying to delete the file, it just won't try to
emulate the kernel access check on its own to provide proper Windows

John Janosik
jpjanosi at us.ibm.com

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