[Samba] Windows XP cannot load roaming profile

Jiri Vyskocil svzj at centrum.cz
Fri Jan 19 14:09:27 GMT 2007

Gary Dale wrote:
> The Administrator account you are trying to log in with could be
> either a local administrator or a domain administrator. If the former,
> then you would have to log in locally. If the latter, and this would
> also be the case for badcat, you would have to give the domain user
> the right to log in on the local machine.
> Check out the Windows groups on your workstation and make sure that
> Domain Admins is listed in the Administrators group and that Domain
> Users is listed in the Users group.
I have both the local administrator and a domain administrator accounts.
I can login using both of them (but they both seem to use locally stored
I have mapped "Domain Users" to ntusers and "Domain Admins" to ntadmins
using net groupmap on the server and made user badcat member of ntusers
on the server snd root member of ntadmins. On the workstations, I added
LOCHNESKA\Domain Users to the Power Users group and LOCHNESKA\Domain
Admins to the Adminstrators group using the "Computer Administration"
mmc console accessible through control panels (not sure how exactly is
this called in English see http://public.toh.cz/samba/xp_groups.png for
a screenshot) in system tools->local users and groups->groups. I didn't
add them to the users folder in that console (for I want the server to
take care about the usernames, I guess this is how it's supposed to work)

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