[Samba] Windows XP cannot load roaming profile

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Sun Jan 14 13:35:25 GMT 2007

Jiri Vyskocil wrote:
>> Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>>> On Sunday 14 January 2007 07:24, Gary Dale wrote:
>>>   >> Try adding "set acls = yes" to smb.conf and restarting Samba.
>>>>     >
>>> Are you sure this is correct? I can't find that option in the man page.
> There > is, however, a "profile acls" option.
>>> (In v 3.0.23 anyway)
>>>   You're right. My mistake. Make the change and it should work.
> I know about "profile acls = yes" option and have it set (see
> http://public.toh.cz/samba/smb.conf). I put it in both [general] and
> [profiles] section, the correct location is probably [general], because
> testparm shows it there (set to Yes). Still, the problem persists.
The Administrator account you are trying to log in with could be either 
a local administrator or a domain administrator. If the former, then you 
would have to log in locally. If the latter, and this would also be the 
case for badcat, you would have to give the domain user the right to log 
in on the local machine.

Check out the Windows groups on your workstation and make sure that 
Domain Admins is listed in the Administrators group and that Domain 
Users is listed in the Users group.

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