[Samba] "net rpc vampire" command and Domain Local Groups

Luca Landi quasar at gif.it
Sun Jan 14 16:18:32 GMT 2007

Hello, I think I spotted an inconsistency between "net rpc vampire" and "the 
rest of the Samba suite" with regard to creation of domain local-groups.

By looking at the source code I can see that during a netvampire the 
creation of local-groups follows the same process used for global-groups. 
Specifically, netvampire gets the necessary gid by running the "add group 
script". See file "source/utils/net_rpc_samsync.c", function 

The above behavior seems to be inconsistent with what is done by smbd when 
it has to create a local-group, because smbd gets the necessary gid from 
winbindd. See file "source/groupdb/mapping.c", function 

The end results seem to be at least that:
1. gids for local-groups are allocated from different ranges depending on 
which program creates them.
2. local-groups created by netvampire most probably get stored also as posix 
groups, as this is what add-group-scripts usually do.

Unless I got something wrong, of course... :-)


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