[Samba] concerns with moving from samba2 to samba3

Macintyre, Ross A R.A.Macintyre at hw.ac.uk
Wed Jan 17 09:08:38 GMT 2007


I am planning on moving a samba server from RedHat 8.0 to RedHat AS4(U4)

What I intend to do is put RHAS on a new machine and bring it up as if

were the old machine, after copying over the databases from the original

machine. I will keep the same IP address and hostname.

Note I do not use LDAP.


My only slight concern is that I am moving from samba version 2 to samba

version 3 so I am mailing this list in case some knows something that I

don't know and can warn me in advance. Here's some more details:


My current server runs samba-2.2.7-5.8.0 and the new server will run


On the new server I have run testparm on the smb.conf file I want to use

and it only gives a warning:

Unknown parameter encountered: "domain admin group"

Ignoring unknown parameter "domain admin group"

..so I reckon it's ok to use the current file.


I intend to .....

Stop the original service and copy over /etc/samba/ to the new server.

(This includes secrets.tdb. smb.conf and smbpasswd)

Shut down the original machine.

Bring up the new server with same hostname and IPaddress as original

effectively the same machine but runningnew version of samba.


So my question is will this work? Or have I missed something?

Do I need to copy over the stuff in /var/cache/samba/? - some advice I

indicated that these would not matter as they would get created anyway, 

but it wouldn't do any harm if these could be understood by samba3


(Is there a command to interrogate these files so I could check in

if samba3 could understand them?)



The other thing I would like to ask is does samba support a BDC? Can I

a PDC and if it goes down the BDC will take its place and have an

up-to-date copy of the databases?


Thanks in advance,

any help appreciated,




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