[Samba] Port Issue

Tom McCallum tom.mccallum at levelelimited.com
Wed Jan 17 01:00:49 GMT 2007

Hi Everyone,

Hope I have sent this to the correct list.  I have been struggling away  
with a weird problem all evening and have not had any joy on google so  
thought I would try here.

The problem in a nutshell is as follows:

(Internal Network) Windows XP (Client) ---> Fedora Core4 (Samba  
Server)     Both shared areas and printers work from windows client.
(External Network) Windows XP (Client) ---> firewall --> (Internal  
Network) Fedora Core4 (samba Server)   Only shared areas work, printers  
won't connect (Says something about either the printer name is wrong or it  
has lost its connection to the server - nothing in server logs that I can  

The problem therefore is that although I can see the printers from the  
client on the internal samba server I cannot actually connect to them via  
Add Printer in Windows XP.  I have opened up ports 135-139,445 through the  
firewall and these seem fine (using nmap to check that they are indeed  

 From the internal network everything from the windows machine works which  
leads me to believe that the Samba Configuration is fine (hence I have not  
included it here - if I am wrong in this assumption then please let me  
know and I will post it), and that there is a port somewhere on the  
firewall that still needs opening to enable the external windows machine  
to properly connect to the printers.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

I am using CUPS on the samba server to print ( do I need the CUPS port  
also accessible through the firewall? ) and nothing in either the samba  
logs or cups logs suggests they even get any connection attempts from the  
external windows machine for use of the printer (does any one know of a  
way to log attempts to connect to the printer in samba?).  I have also put  
a trace on the firewall to see if I can see any extra ports required but I  
the only ones I see are 139 and 445 coming from the external windows  

If I can give any more details let me know.

Thanks for your help,



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