[Samba] Some users can connect and others can't

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Thu Jan 11 14:03:44 GMT 2007

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On 01/02/2007 11:57 PM, Philip Washington escreveu:
> I have the following configuration on one of my file 
> shares using 3.0.10.  And I have found out that some
> users can get files off of the server and some cannot.

	Just as an advice, not related with your actual problem,
you should think about upgrading your Samba version, there are
lots of bug fixes and new features after Samba 3.0.14 and 3.0.2x.
And don't forget to check the Changelog to see how it is going to
impact your actual Samba implementation.

> The users that cannot connect get the error.
> "Incorrect password or unknown username"
>  Connect as;
>  Password:
> After playing around awhile I added one of the users to the computer
> with useradd.  They were then able to connect.  I am not sure why this
> was required, because I have a number of other users which don't have a
> accounts on this server and they can login just fine.
> I add a local account  using
> useradd user1
> and they can login
> userdel user1
> and they can't login
> Using a SambaPDC with LDAP backend.  So I am guessing that there is a
> property in there that some accounts have and some don't.  I just haven'
> t been able to figure out what it is.  Any help would be appreciated.

	How is your NSS configuration? Samba needs to find unix
accounts to properly works, if you are using LDAP, you should be
able to find your LDAP users/accounts in your unix system using

> # Global parameters
> [global]
>    workgroup = DOM
>    netbios name = STANDARD_SERVER
>    server string = Standard Data
>    security = DOMAIN
>    password server =

	Is this a PDC?  It doesn't looks like as a PDC.

>    log level = 0 vfs:2
>    log file = /var/log/samba/%U.%m.log
>    max log size = 50
>    smb ports = 139
>    lpq cache time = 20
>    printcap name = /etc/printcap
>    dns proxy = No
>    wins server =
>    idmap uid = 10000-20000
>    idmap gid = 10000-20000
>    template primary group = "Domain Users"
>    template shell = /bin/bash
>    winbind separator = +
>    printer admin = DOM+phwashington, root-clark, phwashington
>    hosts allow = 192.168.5., 10.10.9., 192.168.6., 127.
>    veto files = /.*/lost*/
>    vfs objects = extd_audit

	Kind regards,

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