[Samba] backup incremental

Marcin giedz at arise.pl
Wed Feb 21 10:06:26 GMT 2007

Wednesday 21 of February 2007 10:36:13 Indracyd napisał(a):
> dear all,
> can anybody tell me, how to backup my data on samba?do
> you have a script for backup incremental?
> i don't understand to user rsync

Try this one:

rsync -rvbpogtu --delete --force \
--backup-dir=/mnt/backup/samba/changes/`date +%d%m%Y` \
backup at server:/home/backoffice /mnt/backup/samba/

....one of several I use everyday to do incremental backup
1) I run this script on my backup server
2) scripts downloads data from backup at server:/home/backoffice
3) it writes/removes all changes to /mnt/backup/samba/changes/current_date()
4) it writes all up-to-date data to /mnt/backup/samba/{backoffice in this 

Hope this will help you.
> thank you
> Cyd
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