[Samba] backup incremental

Franz Strebel franz.strebel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 10:03:55 GMT 2007

what is your backup medium?  if you use tape, tar has some parameters
for incremental backup.  if you want to backup to another server, then rsync
is your best bet.

i use

/usr/bin/rsync --delete -u -v -e ssh -r -o -g -t -S
source_server:/source_dir /target_dir

this makes an exact copy of the source server, including deletions (delete it
on the source, and it will also get deleted on the target).  it also uses ssh
trusted key authentication to establish the connection.

you can check the rsync man pages to see what the options do.

more info on the passwordless ssh connection here:


good luck.


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