[Samba] wbinfo works, getent doesn't

Donald N Kenepp don at videon-central.com
Thu Feb 8 01:31:02 GMT 2007

Hi Don,

  Thank you very much for the help.  A software engineer at my company
managed to find the solution, though I'm not quite sure why it worked out
the way it did.  Thankfully, he was able to look around the "should-be-fine"
background of the box I had drawn in troubleshooting.  Your comments were
right on the mark for the error I posted.

  I am copying the list because I am a bit troubled by the inconsistencies
in the solution.  It is not something I looked for first.

  The original issue was simply that members of the NT 4.0 domain could not
access the shares on our file server.

  The first part of our issue was that libnss_winbind.so was present but not
properly linked.  This might have happened in an upgrade from 3.0.23 to
3.0.24 earlier this week, though usually Gentoo does this during the build
and there is no need to re-link the library manually.  It also may have
occurred when I rebuilt the samba package earlier today as part of a repair

  Our major problem seems to be that I had given the shares access via the

  valid users=@"Domain Users"

  Apparently this has been deprecated in releases beyond 3.08 and the proper
syntax is:

  valid users=@"DOMAIN\Domain Users"

  This was apparently made mandatory in 3.0.23. However, we were running
fine with the previous on several servers with 3.0.23.  Further, the other
four file servers, including my original testbed for the upgrade, are all
running perfectly with 3.024 and still use this nomenclature.

  This appears to be quite the enigma, and I didn't want anyone else
rebuilding samba and reengineering samba.conf, nsswitch.conf, and all their
pam modules before checking this inconsistency that can apparently affect
only some servers in the same domain.

  Again, thank you for the good advice and quick reply.


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