[Samba] FreeBSD and Winbind

jhall at vandaliamo.net jhall at vandaliamo.net
Thu Feb 8 00:14:49 GMT 2007

I'm hoping this is an easy question, but the way my day has gone I
seriously doubt it is going to be.

Today, I installed Samba 3.0.24 with winbind support on my FreeBSD 6.2
server.  I am able to join my domain and get information concerning groups
and passwords from the domain controller (Windows 2003) without any

Where I have run into a problem is using getent to get a copy of the
usernames/passwords and groups moved to the Samba machine.  When I run
getent, only information from the local passwd and group files is
displayed.  Which leads me to believe this is an nsswitch problem.

To be more specific I think I have made a mistake copying the libraries to
the proper location.  I was not able to find libnss_winbind.so in
/usr/samba/source/nsswitch.  Instead, I found nss_winbind.so.  Is this the
correct file to copy?  And, where should these files be copied to on
FreeBSD?  From what I have read so far, I am guessing these should be
copied to /usr/lib.

I have run ldconfig and it shows (using -r) libnss_winbind.so.1 and
libnss_winbind.so.2 being listed in the hints file.

My nsswitch has the following configuration
passwd: files winbind
group: files winbind
group_compat: nis
hosts: files dns
networks: files
passwd_compat: nis
shells: files

Any suggestions concerning how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.



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