[Samba] Authentication incompatibility?

Jon Foster jon-lists at jfpossibilities.com
Sat Feb 3 01:06:06 GMT 2007

I recently compiled Samba 3.0.23d on SuSE Linux 9.0 on an i386 computer. 
The software appears to work but its not compatible with other SMB / 
CIFS clients. If I use the newly compiled programs on two different 
machines they can login and browse each others resources using the 
'smbclient' program. If I try to use a windoze computer, the Linux 
kernel ( built on the same computer) modules or a the smbclient 
that came with SuSE Linux 9.0 (2.2.8a) the connection is rejected. 
Conversely if I try to use the new 'smbclient' to connect to a win2k 
server the connection is rejected. On the Samba server running the newly 
compiled 3.0.23d I receive the following message for the failed login 

[2007/02/02 16:56:23, 3] libsmb/ntlm_check.c:ntlm_password_check(344)
  ntlm_password_check: NT MD4 password check failed for user jon
[2007/02/02 16:56:23, 2] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(319)
  check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [JON] -> [JON] FAILED 

I've reset the passwords and tried them very carefully several times. I 
can login from my other windoze and Linux boxes into all of the other 
windoze and Linux/Samba servers (not using 3.0.23d). I've tried using 
the 'smbpasswd' and the 'passdb.tdb' password files.

What would cause the password exchange to fail between two different 
version of Samba? Its almost as if the encryption algorithm has changed.

TIA - Jon

Jon Foster
JF Possibilities, Inc.
jon at jfpossibilities.com
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