[Samba] Vista patchset.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Feb 2 17:58:33 GMT 2007

I've recently been contacted by an (unnamed) NAS
vendor who has seen some problems with Vista clients
against 3.0.23d. This has been reported by customers
so it's a very important issue for them.

As we care greatly about our OEM's I'm proposing
that we create a "Vista patchset" of source-code
patches that vendors and OEMs can apply to their
3.0.23d based products based on the patches for
Vista that we're putting into the regular svn
trees for the next release.

I know some vendors/OEM's ship earlier versions
of Samba but they'll have to back-port these
patches themselves, we don't have the resources
to do this ourselves I'm afraid (and the OEMs
have to add value *somewhere* :-).

I'm hoping to get this done by next week at
the latest, I'll be at Connectathon in San Jose
running the CIFS testing but should have enough
time to get the patchset tested and available.

For any OEMs/vendors worrying about Vista and
Samba based NAS, help is on the way :-). And
please train your customers not to blindly
install whatever comes out from Redmond :-) :-).



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