[Samba] Big problem with Profiles being deleted

Cristian Livadaru cristian at livadaru.net
Fri Apr 20 23:54:00 GMT 2007

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Please, help :) Something is driving me mad!

I have just replaced a NT4 PDC with a Samba 3 PDC, migrated the users  
and everything works fine except of two problems

first, the big problem.
A user can sign in just fine on winXP or Win 2000 and the profile is  
being downloaded from the samba PDC, but as soon as the users logs  
out the profile is being deleted on the windows machine. I have no  
clue why it is doing this!

the second problem, the XP machines take much longer then the Win2000  
machines on the NT4 server the signon is quite fast. After it copies  
the profile (no action on disk anymore) the XP machines are doing  
something, no idea what it is doing, but it does it for quite a while  
and it just displays the screen after the loginpromt "Userdate is  
being..." not 100% sure how the messages look on a english windows.

Hope my mail is readable, almost didn't sleep 24 hours, so sorry if  
there are a lot of typos.

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Cristian Livadaru

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