[Samba] Syncing tdb files although it's not the best idea ;-)

Andreas Gredler jimmy at g-tec.co.at
Sat Apr 21 12:54:45 GMT 2007


I've read the documentation that syncing tdb files from one machine to
aonther is a bad idea, but I'd like to get more information why. I've
set up a Samba server acting as a PDC and another one acting as domain
member (so no logons). Thus I'm missing the user/group mappings. I've
copied the tdb files to the domain member and it works. 
I was thinking why this method should not be used when user accounts
will change rarely and the PDC and the domain member can be stopped during 
the copy process of the tdb files.
(winbind was not used because I want the same uids/gids as on the PDC)
Do I have to expect other problems which I haven't realized yet?

greets Jimmy

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