[Samba] Samba kills network.

Roots roots0 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 01:40:04 GMT 2007

Client OS: Windows XP SP2, Samba 3.0.24-3.fc6.

Tested from another client: Yes i have more than one computer that both 
have the same problems.

Updated NIC Drivers: I have checked for updated drivers for clients but 
have found non. I im unsure what driver version is built into the kernel 
on the server the NIC is e1000 (82545GM). So No.

Corrupt Packets: I had some problems with this but replaced some cables 
these problems have gone away but samba problems continue.

Replaced Hardware: Nope, I have no problems with file swapping between 
XP clients.

Updated Switch Firmware: My switch is unmanaged (Netgear GS116).

Booting from a live CD: I booted from knoppix and dint appear to have 
any problems. However as its an intermittent problem i cant be sure.

UNC or Mapped drive: I'm using mapped drives.

Make sure server is master browsers: Yes it is.

The Problem: I find the problem main occurs when i try to swap file 
between network drivers on the server from the. Or when dumping files on 
the server, or when saving files to the server from firefox. I don't 
find the file size makes any difference.

Tom, in answer to your question im having trouble testing if your fix 
works for me as i'm not seeing the problem at the moment all though I'm 
sure it will return.

Ive included a copy of my config, the errors in a text file and a 
ethereal cap of my network during one of the errors. If someone with a 
better understand of network protocols than me was to take a look at it 
take the trouble to look at the cap im sure they would be able to figure 
out whats going on. All the files are in this rar: 

Tim Otten

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