[Samba] Samba locking fails over NFS

Darren Gamble darren.gamble at sjrb.ca
Mon Oct 30 23:11:34 GMT 2006

Good day,

Thanks for your reply!

> You can set the parameter "posix locking = no" which prevents
> Samba from mapping the 64-bit Windows locks onto the underlying
> NFS filesystem. Windows clients to the same Samba server will
> still see the Windows locks, they're preserved inside Samba.
> The only difference is local UNIX processes won't see the
> Windows locks - but I doubt that you have anyone editing
> the Word files simultaneously anywy.

OK, I'll try this out, thanks!  This looks like it should be safe to do
in our setup.

> This is a bug in the NetApp NFS locking, not in Samba.
If Samba is trying to issue a 64-bit lock, that obviously is not going
to work since NFS is 32-bit.  I'm not sure how this could be a NFS
issue, unless you're expecting the server to re-map it as 32-bit.  Maybe
I'm missing something here?

Here is more information on the topic.  This user suggested to hack the
configure script to force 32-bit locks to get around this.  Perhaps the
right solution is to detect the right lock size, or retry with 32-bit if
64-bit fails?


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