[Samba] Samba + Mac OS 9

Brian D. McGrew BMcGrew at visionpro.com
Mon Oct 30 21:27:21 GMT 2006

>From MacOS 9, talking to my Windows servers and my Samba Servers, select
Choose from the Apple menu, click on AppleShare and enter the IP
( for example) and click OK.  You should get an authorization
window asking for a Username and Password.  Enter the credentials
correctly and it should work.

My Samba configuration is stock, so I know no better :-)


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Hi guys,

Is there anything out of the ordinary I have to do for an OS 9 Mac to be
able to talk to samba?  When I try "connect to server" (or something
like that), it doesn't matter in what format I enter the IP address - I
simply cannot connect to it.

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