[Samba] Crippled file list on samba 3.0.23-c2. Debian Etch x64 (files randomly not showing up)

Henrik Cednert neo at irry.com
Sat Nov 11 15:24:59 GMT 2006

Sorry to bugger you people. But no one have any suggestions about this?


neo at irry.com wrote:
> Hi there people.
> My first post here at the list so I hope I havn't made any misstakes so
> far and that I can write in such a way so you people understand me. =)
> The problem I have is that when I list folders on disks mouted with "mount
> -t smbfs ..." the file lists of folders are crippled. What I mean is that
> files are randomly missing in the lists even if they are there. A refresh
> of the dir can help sometimes but most of the time the missing files/files
> appear and some other files disappear. A huge problem here since i work
> with Shake and pretty large file sequences.
> I was adviced at the IRC-channel to downgrade to an earlier version but
> before I do that I wanted to try my luck here. I'm also in the middle of a
> project here at work so I don't want to mess to much with the computer
> just yet.
> Thanks in advance for any help that solves this.
> Sincerely,
> Henrik C, Sweden

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