[Samba] Trust relationship with two SaMBa´s and one NT. All this is servers

kalilac kalilac at unp.br
Fri May 26 21:01:21 GMT 2006

Hello peaplo.
I am with a great problema.
I have two SaMBa´s configured who server (security = user) and a NT each 
other clients.
I want put this three servers to talk each  other and the clients inside 
with one coud access the resources of other domain like the NT do.
My machines. 

Samba1 = domain1
Samba2 = domain2
NT           = domain3 

Each one have diferrents users but I want make a trust interdomain 
What I need do into mine SaMBa´s??

Kalil de A. Carvalho.
Setor de Redes.
UnP - Universidade Potiguar
APEC - Associação Potiguar de Educação e Cultura. 

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