[Samba] Windows clients cannot print in color

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Tue May 30 14:00:23 GMT 2006

Thanks for replying.

We have several printers here.  The color printers are an HP 4550 
networked with a JetDirect, a Ricoh Aficio CL7000, and a Konica Minolta 
2430DL.  I am using the CUPS Windows driver v. 6.0.  I am wondering if 
the Active Directory setup is what is causing my problems, as other 
Samba howto's have required modification from what is in print in order 
to work in AD.  AD seems to add an extra layer of complexity to the 
setup.  I have tried CUPS ppd's and the NT4 ppd's from the 
manufacturer.  None of them work in color from Windows clients.

I also /just/ found out that I cannot upload a driver - "access denied" 
-  something I've already seen in other Samba shares (another AD 
gotcha).  Only thing is, this time the permissions look right to me.

Dale Schroeder
Necos Secon wrote:
> Hmmm... Be careful with the 1.2 series of CUPS. I've noticed problems 
> with color printer ppds in this version. I've been using 1.1.23 with 
> foomatic/postscript drivers (downloaded from linuxprinting.org) with 
> no real problems. What kind of color laser printers do you have? At my 
> job, we use HP 4550Ns. Also, make sure you're using the CUPS windows 
> driver with your Windows clients. That may help a bit.
> Theodore Charles III
> Network Administrator
> Los Angeles Senior High

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