[Samba] Need Solaris 8 Version that Works with AccessCheck()

Gary Warren gbw at ternion.com
Thu May 25 14:54:37 GMT 2006

I am having a problem verifying file permissions from a Windows machine
using AccessCheck() through a Samba share with files residing on a Solaris 8
workstation. Is there a version of Samba that is known to work with
AccessCheck() queries from Windows?


The version of Samba I have currently is 3.0.10. This is the latest version
that I found from SUN freeware for Solaris 8. I would like to try the very
latest version, 3.0.22, but is says it is for Solaris 9. Does the fact that
it is for Solaris 9 mean that it will not work on Solaris 8? Is there a
build of 3.0.22 anywhere for Solaris 8?


Thank you in advance for your help.



Gary Warren

Ternion Corporation

E-Mail: gbw at ternion.com


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