[Samba] AIX 5.3 Samba member server to an NT domain

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Subject: [Samba] AIX 5.3 Samba member server to an NT domain

> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I'm trying to get AIX to authenticate users off another Samba server (with
> an eye to doing the same off a Windows server at some point, just to be
> flexible). I have been using the binary distribution of Samba 3.0.22 to do
> this. While I have been able to get users to log in by using the WINBIND
> authentication method, they still cannot change their password or use FTP.
> haven't been able to find the PAM module in the binary distribution.

Have you altered /etc/security/user for the users or for the default stanza
for SYSTEM or registry attribute values (but leave root untouched. let root
auth against the local system - always)?

Also are you using "passwd" or "passwd -R WINBIND"? If you've altered the
file above, the former should work.

Note too that there is a problem with lsuser reporting users from WINBIND
LAM in 5.3. This is an open PMR with IBM that I've got and not making much
progress. So I'm not sure if this extends further than lsuser. AIX 5.2 is
working just fine (not that it's much help :-) )

> So now I'm trying to compile Samba from source using the GCC 3.3.2-5
> compiler from the Linux Toolbox CD. This is not going very well. The
> configure script warns that aio.h, tcp.h and ldap.h cannot be compiled,
> don't exist or both. These files do exist, though they may not be where
> Configure expects them. So far, despite much trying, I've not been able to
> So what do I have to do to make Samba's ./configure happy on a
> freshly-installed AIX 5.3 system?

If you want to build Samba yourself, you can follow the steps I've outlined
in the README for the binary package. Let me know if I can be of more



> Kind regards,
>   Menno Willemse
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