[Samba] Samba Print Problem (Everything Looks Right)

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue May 23 02:03:19 GMT 2006

> Hmmm...  I think that's the key point right there.  It works, but I 
> can't _configure_ it!

That could mean that the DLL that provides the configuration tabs isn't
initialising properly.  When you deleted the printer and tried to
re-add it, did you also uninstall the driver from the Windows box?

The driver isn't removed when you delete the printer, so this is usually
done by loading up Printers, and going File | Server properties.  I
can't recall whether you can uninstall the drivers through here under
Win2k (it may have to be done through the registry) but XP has a Remove
button.  It's possible that the driver was mis-installed on an early
attempt, and since then you've fixed the problem but Windows is still
using the badly installed driver.

That could explain why you weren't seeing any requests for the print$
share when you re-added the printer.


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