[Samba] Re: newbie question reguarding kerberos tickets

Blaž Primc expertmeant at gmail.com
Thu May 11 21:07:43 GMT 2006


the period for which the ticket is valid can be set in Windows Server.

Best regards, Blaž.

Doug Tucker wrote:
> I recently joined a samba 3.0.22 server to AD.  When I did the kinit,
> the AD gave me a 24 hour ticket with a 1 week renewal.  Setting -r and
> -l to 365d did not change anything, the ticket still came back the same.
> However, my question is in reguard to whether this is really even
> needed?  First, I deleted the ticket, and everything seemed to continue
> to work perfectly.  Now, I let the ticket expire for a couple of weeks
> now, and yet, the samba server is working fine and users still
> authenticate against AD just fine.  Am I missing something, or is the
> creation of that ticket not even needed?  Thank you for your assistance.
> doug...

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