[Samba] Preparing to migrate

Dirk H Bartley dbartley at schupan.com
Mon May 8 14:42:34 GMT 2006

>  .. Are there any tools/methods to move
> files from ntfs to samba and maintain ownership and acl data???

I Think I may have figured out a good way to recreate the acl
information from ntfs to posix.  Using cygwin's find, xargs and getfacl
to create a file to reproduce acl's in posix.  Is there a more preferred

I am still hoping for recommendations on migration methods from AD to
samba3.  Thinking that using samba 4 to vampire the user, group and
group membership information.  Then backpedaling to samba-3 creating
scripts to modify the ldap schema's appropriately.  I'm hoping someone
has had experience with this and can advise.


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