[Samba] Preparing to migrate

Dirk H Bartley dbartley at schupan.com
Fri May 5 13:25:25 GMT 2006


I have twice before set up samba to operate with user information stored
in ldap for personal and test usage.  I have not however in the past
migrated users from a windows domain to a samaba-ldap domain for my
employer.  I understand that vampire is the appropriate tool to do just

We are preparing to discontinue the use of active directory and start
using samba3-ldap.  From my readings, I understand that samba3 will
vampire quite well from nt4-win2000 style domains and that samba 4 is
designed to vampire quite well from active directory.

My first question is whether vampire works pulling data from active
directory into to samba3??

If it is NOT possible to migrate user and group information with vampire
from active directory to samba3, are there other good methods???

We are prepared to create a new domain and have all hosts join the new
domain if that is what it would take.  That would however cause us to
have to deal with the acl's on all of our files.  Even if we migrate
users and use the same domain .. Are there any tools/methods to move
files from ntfs to samba and maintain ownership and acl data???

Thank you in advance for any assistance and recommendations.

Dirk Bartley
Systems Administrator
Schupan Aluminum Sales
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