[Samba] Samba interface to CVS/Subversion

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Thu May 4 06:35:01 GMT 2006


Well, we are using samba shares as subversion repos but it is not  
exactly what you are looking for I think.
If you want to handle file events and connect them to svn commands  
your best bet would be a VFS module.

I don't think one like that exists but at least Recycle VFS does  
something on the delete event and perhaps the Audit VFS handles all  
the events you are looking for.
Either way you could simple write your own :)

Good luck

4 maj 2006 kl. 04:03 skrev David Baker:

> Hey all,
> Bit of a bogus question here as I only have a basic understanding of
> CVS and Subversion.
> A lot of the windows development tools we use in the office have CVS
> or Subversion modules allowing us greater source code control. It
> would be wonderful to have a samba share that acts as an interface to
> a CVS or Subversion backend.
> That way we can use any development tool and simply save our files to
> the network share and let CVS/Subversion handle everything behind the
> scenes.
> Am I dreaming?
> Could this be implemented with a standard samba setup and a bunch  
> of scripts?
> Can any smart cookies out there show me samba configurations that
> allow programs to be run based on different file operations
> (save/delete/move/etc..)?
> Cheers heaps :) any pointers at all will be awesome.
> --
> DaveB
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