[Samba] Samba interface to CVS/Subversion

Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Thu May 4 14:51:28 GMT 2006

On 5/4/06, Henrik Zagerholm <henke at mac.se> wrote:
> Hello,
> Well, we are using samba shares as subversion repos but it is not
> exactly what you are looking for I think.
> If you want to handle file events and connect them to svn commands
> your best bet would be a VFS module.
> I don't think one like that exists but at least Recycle VFS does
> something on the delete event and perhaps the Audit VFS handles all
> the events you are looking for.
> Either way you could simple write your own :)

There is a proposed project for Summer of Code that would do this
sort of thing.  I need something similar for work and haven't had the
time.  I'm hoping a student will bite. :-)


If not, I'll probably get it one day.  But that day is way off
in the foggy future.


Deryck Hodge

"Aimless days, uncool ways of decathecting" --Mike Doughty (2005)

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