[Samba] Samba interface to CVS/Subversion

David Baker dtbaker at gmail.com
Thu May 4 02:03:50 GMT 2006

Hey all,

Bit of a bogus question here as I only have a basic understanding of
CVS and Subversion.

A lot of the windows development tools we use in the office have CVS
or Subversion modules allowing us greater source code control. It
would be wonderful to have a samba share that acts as an interface to
a CVS or Subversion backend.

That way we can use any development tool and simply save our files to
the network share and let CVS/Subversion handle everything behind the

Am I dreaming?

Could this be implemented with a standard samba setup and a bunch of scripts?
Can any smart cookies out there show me samba configurations that
allow programs to be run based on different file operations

Cheers heaps :) any pointers at all will be awesome.


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