[Samba] changing windows ACL permissions from smb client

Vincent Malien samba.4.v_malien at spamgourmet.com
Tue Jun 20 09:56:09 GMT 2006

Bonjour à tous, I'm french, I will continue in English...
I've got a samba 3.0.1 on a Linux debian 2.4.18
It is configured as a member of an ADS domain 'MYDOM', and I mounted a
share disk from a winY2K3 server with the command line:
smbmount //srv20031/bibli /mnt/smb/srv20031/bibli -o username=ec
firstly, I tried to do the same config on an other Linux debian 3.1r2.
with samba 3.0.14, but I got troubles with the smbmount point which says
access denied.
the user 'ec' is member of a group 'RandD' on the ADS domain.
When a user on the Linux server create a directory or file on this share
disk of the winY2K3 server, the owner of the file is MYDOM\ec, 
and the ACL of the file inherit the folder of superior level .
How can I, with a command line on the Linux server, disable the inherit
property on this file and add an ACL witch enable the write access to
members of the AD group 'RandD' ?
thanks you for help.
Vincent MALIEN

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