[Samba] Samba permission issue

Komal Shah countofdracula at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 09:28:03 GMT 2006


I use Windows XP Pro on almost all of the desktops I need to access the 
linux server. I also have one Apple Mac G5 that uses OS 10.4.

I have various applications I use to access the server. One of the 
biggest ones I use is OpenOffice.

If I create a new document on one of our windows XP desktops like a 
spreadsheet then save it to a shared folder on the server the desktop 
that created that file can go back later and edit that file and save the 
changes back on the server with out any problem. HoIver if any of the 
other XP desktops go to edit the file they cannot save the file with the 
changes. They can copy it they can delete it but cannot edit it. The Mac 
hoIver can edit the file and save the changes without any problem. 
HoIver once the Mac has changed that file none of the XP desktops can 
then edit and save the file, including the original desktop that created 
the file. This now appears to be the case no matter what program you 
use. The files that I could edit before Ire files that my desktop 
created originally.

It appears to be some strange Samba setting that I am not aware of that 
is not letting us have full access to our files . I need to be able to 
edit and change these files no matter what machine I am using as long as 
the user is one of the user group.




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