[Samba] Samba ads and local users

Peter Fowler pfowler at tempo.com.au
Wed Jun 14 05:02:01 GMT 2006

Hi All,


I have a network that's slowly being moved over to Active Directory. Having
used samba all this time though, im reluctant to let them go.


So I've setup a test Samba server to use the ADS, which allows all my domain
users to connect directly to the samba server for the home drives and other
shares (working perfect!).


However, I have a lot of other users that won't be on the domain for quite
some time. Is there anyway to have them still connect to the samba server
using the "user" share access that they've had all along (i.e. their account
in the smbpasswd file).


If it is one or the other, is there any suggested method I can use to get
around this (barring adding all the users to the domain, and still using
samba for some ads authentication)?




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