[Samba] Samba ads and local users

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Jun 14 07:12:30 GMT 2006

> However, I have a lot of other users that won't be on the domain for
> quite some time. Is there anyway to have them still connect to the
> samba server using the "user" share access that they've had all along
> (i.e. their account in the smbpasswd file).
> If it is one or the other, is there any suggested method I can use to
> get around this (barring adding all the users to the domain, and
> still using samba for some ads authentication)?

There's probably a better way of doing this, but you could always run
two Samba servers - one using AD, one using smbpasswd.  You would have
to direct your users to connect to a different server depending on
their access, but that may not be so bad.

Alternatively you can still connect to smbpasswd accounts even if the
Samba server is on a domain, provided you use the machine's hostname as
if it's another domain, e.g. if most users connect to the machine
\\SAMBA as "DOMAIN\user" then you can also connect to \\SAMBA as
"SAMBA\localuser" and providing "localuser" is mentioned in smbpasswd
it'll let you in.

It does mean that you'll have to get everyone to enter their username
differently, so this may or may not be a problem.


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