[Samba] Can samba hide symlinks?

Matthew Schumacher schu at design-pt.com
Wed Jun 14 18:04:29 GMT 2006

Adam Nielsen wrote:
>> What I would really like here is to just not show symlinks in this
>> share.  That would eliminate the data from being backed up twice where
>> there is a symlink, and it would also never return 'access denied'
>> which would make veritas not suck as much.
>> Any ideas?
> If you disable symlinks with "follow symlinks = no", then they appear
> as a bunch of files you can't read.  So does "hide unreadable = yes"
> cause them to disappear?
> Cheers,
> Adam.

No, they still show up even though hide unreadable is off.  I'm betting
hide unreadable only deals with FS permissions, but I haven't read the
source to find out.  Perhaps there is a way to make it also hide
symlinks without to much hacking.... My C is not very good....


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