[Samba] Issues with cifs mounts following Samba upgrade to 3.0.23a

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Jul 31 16:08:53 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 01:24:34PM +0000, Damian Sinclair wrote:
> My LAN includes a server machine running FC4, with several shares mounted with 
> Samba. Yesterday, I upgraded the packages on the FC4 machine, and these 
> included Samba, which is now at 3.0.23a. Unfortunately, this seems to have 
> broken the mounted shares for my Ubuntu 6.06 installation on my Acer 1682WLMI 
> laptop. The cifs module on Ubuntu reports as version 1.39.
>  The symptoms are that I can list the files on the cifs mount, but cannot 
> access them. Here's an example of the problem from my laptop: 
> $ sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/hde1 -o /
> username=[myuser],domain=[mydomain],uid=[myuser],gid=[mygroup] 
> Password:
> $ file /mnt/hde1/test.mp3 /mnt/hde1/test.mp3: ERROR: cannot read
> `/mnt/hde1/test.mp3' (Permission denied)
> $ ls -l /mnt/hde1/test.mp3
> -rwxrwSrwt 1 [myuser] [mygroup] 5019629 2006-07-31 11:12 /mnt/hde1/test.mp3
> If I simply change to smbfs:
> $ sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/hde1 -o
> username=[myuser],domain=[mydomain],uid=[myuser],gid=[mygroup]
> Password:
> $ file /mnt/hde1/test.mp3 /mnt/hde1/test.mp3: MP3 file with ID3 version 2.4.0 
> tag
> $ ls -l /mnt/hde1/test.mp3 -rwxr-xr-x 1 [myuser] [mygroup] 5019629 2006-07-31
> 11:12 /mnt/hde1/test.mp3
>  So why not use smbfs? Well, because many of the files I have on the shares have
> foreign characters in them, and smbfs mounts using the settings for unicode as I
> understand them (iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode) don't work at all (no
> listing even). This is a different issue, however. For now I'm interested in
> working out why the cifs mount is broken seeing as cifs is meant to supercede 
> smbfs.

This is a server bug. I've fixed it in the svn code and it will be fixed
in 3.0.23b. Sorry for the problem.


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