[Samba] Re: Ubuntu samba slower than red hat??

Douglas D Germann Sr 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Sun Jul 30 22:41:37 GMT 2006


Gary Dale <garydale <at> torfree.net> writes:

> For the Linux machines, you can also just export the shares using NFS. 
> It is a lot faster and easier.

Yes, I tried that once, but could not even logon to those shares. 
That was when I had the old redhat box as server. Could try this
new Ubunutu machine.

My worry was that samba and nfs would respect each other's file
locking. Do you know whether they do or do not respect each 
other's file locks?

I have been away a couple days and there has been no log activity
that I can see. Will keep watching it.

Thanks, Gary!

:- Doug.

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