[Samba] Home directories

Ivan Gustin ivan.gustin at pu.t-com.hr
Thu Jul 20 15:57:26 GMT 2006

Madhu Kumar:
 > I have a small requirement , I have a samba setup on my server with
 > the following configuration in [homes] share :
 > Since i have multiple users who use the windows machines, if i logout
 > say from some machine and if i login once again on the same machine
 > with different user the previous user's home directory is still
 > visible with current user's home directory. I need to resolve it. how
 > could i change my [homes]  configuration to do this.

I deal with the same problem long ago. On one Samba site I have 800+ 
users which uses 30 PC, and remaining previous user's home directory 
very soon shows dozens visible directories, and causing full mess. This 
is not problem with Samba, it's up to the Windows Networking.

I solved that by avoid using [homes] built-in section, but using generic 
[personal] share, with this main option:

path = %H

This ensures that each user's home directory is always named "Personal" 
(not by user's name), pointed to right each user's home path, and 
without remaining multiples homes (because it is only one share name).

Try that, and say if this satisfies you.

Ivan Gustin

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