[Samba] Home directories

Madhu Kumar madhan2k21 at bluebottle.com
Thu Jul 20 08:52:20 GMT 2006

Hi ,

I have a small requirement , I have a samba setup on my server with
the following configuration in [homes] share : 

        comment = Home Directories
        browseable = no
        writable = yes
        path = /home/%u
        valid users = %u root
        force user = %u

I have added samba and linux users  and done all the configuration and
shares are visible in windows.

When a user logs on the machine only his home directory should be

Since i have multiple users who use the windows machines, if i logout
say from some machine and if i login once again on the same machine
with different user the previous user's home directory is still
visible with current user's home directory. I need to resolve it. how
could i change my [homes]  configuration to do this.

Thanks in advance 



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