[Samba] Fedora packages or Enterprise packages of Samba on RHEL4?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jul 13 18:15:36 GMT 2006

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Don Meyer wrote:

> Were it up to me, I'd post the RPMs for RHEL with 
> a prominent disclaimer on the support issue.   (But
> then I'd probably want to separate builds
> for RHEL3/RHEL4...)   Many people aren't aware of 
> the improved ability to build RHEL packages from
> the tarball, and they only see the complete
> lack of RHEL binary packages as non-support for RHEL.
> And I think a CentOS "branch" symlinked to the RHEL branch, or
> vice-versa, would be a nice recognition of that program...

The reason I mentioned CentOS is that its easier for me to
keep updated.  And given that the distro claims binary
compatibility with the matching version of RHEL it should be
fine.  And that way I avoid the support issue with RHEL.

cheers, jerry
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