[Samba] Fedora packages or Enterprise packages of Samba on RHEL4?

Don Meyer dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Wed Jul 12 15:09:14 GMT 2006

At 06:21 AM 7/12/2006, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>The Fedora specfile provided with Samba is compatible
>with RHEL4.  I don't build RHEL4 packages only because
>IMO if you pay for support for RedHat, installing non-vendor
>supplied packages would void your support agreement.
>Althought I could provide RPMS for the lates version
>of CentOS which should be binary comatible with RHEL4

Were it up to me, I'd post the RPMs for RHEL with a prominent 
disclaimer on the support issue.   (But then I'd probably want to 
separate builds for RHEL3/RHEL4...)   Many people aren't aware of the 
improved ability to build RHEL packages from the tarball, and they 
only see the complete lack of RHEL binary packages as non-support for RHEL.

And I think a CentOS "branch" symlinked to the RHEL branch, or 
vice-versa, would be a nice recognition of that program...

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