[Samba] Cannot copy back profile

Rune Tønnesen rune.tonnesen at bordings-friskole.dk
Tue Jul 11 20:38:33 GMT 2006

> Thanks Jerry. That worked perfectly... but now I've got a _privacy_ 
> issue: all users are able to read and write in each other's profiles.
> The problem is that currently, if a user testuser starts \\PDC, he 
> finds two shares, the Printers/Faxes and himself, a share called 
> testuser. If he selects this share, he finds *all* the user home 
> directories, and can go into the profile folder and do whatever they 
> want. To ensure that I have all the profiles belonging to 
> smbadmin:Domain Users I use ``force user = smbadmin'' in the profile 
> share section.
> Is there a way to avoid this behavior?
> Thanks!
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> Sensei <senseiwa at mac.com>
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First of all do you have a separate profile share? If not then make one. 
This way each user will have a separate folder for his/her profile that 
only he/her has access to.
logon path = \\%logonserver%\profiles\%U

create mode = 0600
directory mode = 0700
path = /home/samba/profiles/
profile acls = yes
read only = no
writable = yes

if you have a profile share, then please check ownership to see hos 
access to what.

Venlig Hilsen (Best Regards)
Rune Tønnesen

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