[Samba] Cannot copy back profile

Sensei senseiwa at mac.com
Tue Jul 11 07:08:57 GMT 2006

Hi! I have a problem with roaming profiles which I don't understand.

I can login and logout from XP with a samba PDC with ldapsam  
flawlessly, but for some reasons when the profile does not
belong to the user itself windows tells me upon logout that it cannot  
copy back some files to the server. Weird, because the directory  
where the profile resides is readable and writable by the user,  
although it doesn't belong to him.

I have a generic ``smbadmin'' user, belonging to ``Domain Admins''  
which reads and writes the profiles, so all the files in any profile  
in my samba domain (forcing its group) do actually belong to  
``smbadmin:Domain Users'' and have rwx set to group and user. I'd  
like to keep all these files belonging to the smbadmin user.

Anyway, I cannot make samba work on these files. Is there a way to  
tell samba not to bother about UID/GID of profiles?

Thanks to anyone!

Sensei <senseiwa at mac.com>

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