[Samba] Help samba with 2k ADS

Roy Dergham rdergham at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 12:11:41 GMT 2006

Dear All,

I have succefully configured a samba using ldap running on suse 10.1 to
join  a win 2k sp4 AD,

All is working well, getent passwd, group, shadow  i can even login to the
linux bos using the AD user names

But when a windows machine is accessing the SMB server it will browse the
share drives but sometimes very slow,
I have checked the smb log files and found that i have an error (almost for
each and every file in the shared directory)
Failed to verify incoming ticket ( some times if the linux box is restarted
without issuing the "net ads join -U username" the error changes to
username DOMAIN+windowsmachinename$ is invalid on this system

i have googled every where it seems that many people are having the same
problem but no one has posted any solution to that

i have found a turned arround, to fix it and that was to manually create a
username in /etc/passwd file for each and every machine in the domain (800 +
users) i don't think this will be the optimal solution

any ideas help

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