[Samba] Newbie questions?

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri Jul 7 02:55:45 GMT 2006

On Thursday 06 July 2006 14:43, Michael Westmoreland wrote:
> I have the book, "The Official Samba-3 Howto and Reference Guide" and
> I'm trying to get 3.0.22 running on Aix 5.2.  All I want to do is setup
> some file sharing at the moment and map a drive from an XP pc to a
> directory on Aix.  We have a Windows domain setup, the domain name is
> mobot.org.  

So this sounds like it might be an Active Directory (Windows 200x) domain. 

If so, then your Windows NT4 compatible domain name is most probably MOBOT.

> The Aix server is named mobot.  

Well, you can not have a machine name and the NT4 compatible domain name the 
same. That breaks badly. That is specified quite clearly in chapter 9 of 

So let's rename the Samba server to GEORGE; in smb.conf [global]:

	netbios name = GEORGE

Now, stop nmbd and smbd, delete the wins.dat and browse.dat files, restart 
nmbd and smbd.

> I've been searching through  
> the archives for "NT_Status_Bad_Network_Name" and
> "NT_Status_Logon_Failure".  And, I see examples of smb.conf files that
> look quite a bit different from what's in the book.  Would some one
> point me to a good example of an smb.conf file for an Aix box in a
> Windows domain?

In what manner do you expect that the smb.conf configuration will depend on 
the host OS? It should not.

> And, how do you handle user names longer than eight characters?  For
> example, on the Aix box my user name is westmore, in the Windows domain
> it's mwestmoreland.

In smb.conf [global] add:

	username map = /etc/samba/smbusers

In /etc/samba/smbusers add:

	westmore = mwestmoreland


	smbpasswd -a westmore

Now try to connect from the UNIX console:

	smbclient -L GEORGE -U%

That should give a null-session listing of resources.

Now try:

	smbclient //GEORGE/westmore -Uwestmore%thesmbpassword

> Right now I can't map a drive from my XP pc to a share on the Aix box.
> \\mobot\tmp <file:///\\mobot\tmp>  returns "The network path cannot be
> found."  I've tried connecting using a different user name "westmore"
> from my XP pc, but get the same message.  I've added my Aix account name
> "westmore" to the Samba password file.


If your westmore smbpassword is the same as your mwestmoreland password the 
connection should be transparent. (ie: no password prompt).

>  I added this line to my /etc/ services file "swat 901/tcp" and these
> lines to my /etc/inetd.conf file and rebooted the server.
> netbios-ssn stream tcp nowait root /opt/Samba/3.0.22/sbin/smbd smbd
> netbios-ns dgram upd wait root /opt/Samba/3.0.22/sbin/nmbd nmbd
> swat stream tcp nowait.400 root /opt/Samba/3.0.22/sbin/swat swat
> The SWAT utility tells me the smbd and nmbd daemons are running.  But,
> when I use ps -ef | grep smbd, I don't see a process ID. This makes me
> wonder if the daemons are really running.  I'd expect to see a process
> id returned from the grep command.

ps -afe | grep mbd

> Is there a particular section of the book I should be reading like 2.3.2
> Domain Member Server?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

Follow Samba-3 by Example chapter by chapter. You'll get there.


- John T.

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