[Samba] Re: psexec for Linux and svcctl.idl changes

AH andrzej.hajda at wp.pl
Thu Jul 6 20:52:18 GMT 2006

Jelmer Vernooij:
> However, I'm not too keen on putting in the winexe patch (at least not
> in the current state.. I think linking a Windows binary into Samba is a
> very very bad idea. 
> Also, there are also other minor issues:
>  * Code style
>  * Use of // for comments
>  * Use of manually written prototypes in the C files
>  * Use of direct headers (<termios.h>, etc) instead of <system/xx.h>
>  * CamelCasing
>  * The Windows code should (imho) go in some different place
>  * Even /if/ we did think including a .exe in Samba was ok, 'winexe'
> should be made optional because we don't want to require people to
> install MSVC in order to build Samba.
Thanks for comments.
I am still working on winexe, for now I publish code on 
If people on this list are interested I can send info about progress, or 
even post patches.

Of course I agree about style and others ( I need to find out how to 
make prototypes auto generated).
Many things I will correct by myself, but for many I need advice, I hope 
to find it on this list.

About compiling windows code - I have never used MSVC to compile it, at 
the beginning I've used Cygwin,
but now I compile everything in Linux. Of course I have installed 
crosscompiler, below list of rpm packages (PLD distro):
So this is some dependency, but not such big as MSVC :)

And about integrating it with samba - it would be nice, we can work on it :)

Andrzej Hajda

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