[Samba] Can I copy printer print drivers to a new server

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Jan 31 01:20:56 GMT 2006

> I am taking down a printer server running Samba 2.2.7 and replacing
> it with a new Samba-3 server running on an entirely different box.
> There are 15 different drivers installed on the old server (all added
> at various times via a windows client) that I would like to move over
> to the new server.  I've copied the files over to the new system and
> I've looked at the adddriver command with rpcclient.  The problem is
> that I don't really know very much about PC print drivers and so I
> don't really know what to supply in terms of the arguments,
> especially the lists of files.

Have you tried simply copying all the files in the print$ share across
to the new print$ share, then copying the .tdb files for each printer
as well?  I've got no idea whether it'll work (or even if there
were .tdb files in Samba-2) but that's where I'd start.


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